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Today wasn’t all uneventful. There was- yet again- another warlock parading their succubus at the Cathedral’s steps. They were called out, of course. But there were children running around. And their argument, as well as those that sympathized with him?

"The demons are under the warlock’s control. I don’t know why everyone still has this issue."

Because there are children! There is an orphanage! Do they not know how long it took until they accepted worgen as friendly? Demons still terrorize our people, and I know we have not seen the last of them either. Sargeras will not stop.

Not to mention, a demon will sign their life away to a warlock with or without consent.

"They were once mortal; they are just corrupted."

All the more to not let them around our citizens! They are corrupted! And they are too far from redemption or being cleansed. They are servants of the Legion, and they will try with all their might to trick their masters so they can run rampant without any restraint.

These warlocks are too damned irresponsible and seduced by this demonic power..

But all I can do is smile and nod with a stoic qwip here and there, because no one else wants to do anything besides spit at them. Where are the guards? Is this a not illegal? If it isn’t illegal, then why? There is no logical reason to have them out in public unless there needs to be a battle fought.

Remember kids: simcraft is everything in the first tier predictions of WoD.


Last time this happened, everyone was abandoning their rogues for monks or druids to fulfill that leather melee. I got my rogue to 90 in the first three days of MoP without any DPS issues. Fuck, I was top in most heroics until I could do some actual shit like the world bosses (I didn’t raid until later on when it came to progression).

Just play what you want to play and just get good at it? Don’t rely on simcrafting. 

They said healers got the short end of the stick. They were right, but that’s only because of the new system. There was a lot of speculation that due to the DPS decrease, Disc would be shit.

I guarantee you, it’s not. And that was before I found out I had Holy Nova. If anything, every other healing spec BUT Disc got shit on.. because.. uhmm Holy Nova.

Just give Blizzard time. They’ll give you something that will reignite your desire to keep playing your favorite class and spec.



excuse me.
But the minimum wage is set for teenagers with first jobs/ college students TO GET EXPERIENCE. Because a higher paying job isn’t going to higher you unless ypu have experience. AND YOU GET THAT EXPERIENCE BY WORKING AT MINIMUM PAYING JOBS. and the higher paying jobs are harder jobs which is why they get more money.
If you raise the minimum wage, then companies wont have the money to pay more employees so they look for the people with the most experience…
So if companies can only higher people with experience and you dont have any because companies DONT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY YOU??
well then you are never going to get a job.
And when the minimum wage goes up, the price of everything goes up.
And then we have the minimum wage earners complaining again.
So stop saying that the minimum wage needs to be raised because it doesnt.
What needs to happen is we need a better economy and thanks to obama, thats not going to happen for a while because obama doesn’t know what hes doing.
So if you want to make more money, get experience and a better paying job.

You’re a shitty economist buddy.

Less than 15% of minimum wage worker’s are teenagers (age 14-19), the rest are adults aged 20 and over (85.7%). So lets stop pretending that these jobs are meant for students. The economy is shit and unfortunately, people have to settle for low wages because the alternative often is unemployment.

Higher paying jobs doesn’t equate to ‘harder jobs’. Often, the higher a position is, the less labor you are required to do.

"And when the minimum wage goes up, the price of everything goes up."

Inflation doesn’t necessarily work that way. Obviously, you’re just regurgitating the bullshit theories conservatives spew out while disregarding the statistics and history that proves otherwise. But since you’re using that argument, why not raise the minimum wage with the rise of inflation? Or productivity even?

If we had raised the minimum wage with the rise of productivity since 1968, it would currently be $21.72. In other words, we are creating far more and producing more profit for corporations, while being paid for a third of what we use to.

What do you have to say about that?

And raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will raise 1.7 million families out of poverty and reduce the need for them to use public assistance, saving the federal government $7.6 billion per year. Would you say you’re you against that?

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25. In none of the 50 states is that enough money to pay the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment.

The minimum wage used to be able to keep a family of 3 above the poverty line. Now, the minimum wage can’t even keep a single parent working 40 hours a week, for an entire year without a single day off, above the poverty line.

When you raise the minimum wage, you’re putting more money into the pockets of the lower/working class. Their money is directly put back into the economy when the buy food, pay bills and generally spend their money. As oppose to higher paid people who have the luxury of saving their earnings. That means that businesses will generally make more money because the working class has more money to spend.

That’s my argument for raising the minimum wage, I would love to see your attempt to counter it.

I don’t have much of an educated opinion on the wages of our minimum wage, median, etc. workers.

But there’s one thing I do know: if anyone wants a job hard enough, they will work hard for one. It won’t always be one they enjoy, but there are a lot of high paying jobs out there that no one wants to do. And it’s because no one wants to do them that they pay enough. We’re just really picky for the pursuit of happiness here in America.

Me? I haven’t worked too hard. In fact, I’m lazy as hell and still kind of a bum. But I have had more opportunities than I can imagine, and took like.. none. Sure I had a handout for my internship, but it’s because I didn’t work hard enough to get the grades to be noticed by the job market (or it could be because I’m a shy, dorky female) I just have a low self esteem to work in an office environment for my programming skills.

Or I’m just looking at this the wrong way. I sure hope to the gods no one attacks me for my opinion.



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Hercules is THE DEFINITION of a gentleman. Her dress strap slips down and HE PUTS IT BACK UP because he’s like “No, she’s a lady, she deserves my respect. Control yourself. Leave, just leave.”

Imagine if all guys/girls had that much respect for people they were attracted to…the world would be a lot better and safer, I can tell you that.

Also have to remember he’s never had a girl actually hit on him before.


if zeus took the wheel this would have ended much differently


….And I’m dying.  Tumblr finally broke me.


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